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Filling a Niche

Access to International Legal Expertise Especially For Small and Medium Size Businesses

The united.legal.network is an association of commercial lawyers created in 1999 for the specific purpose of enhancing its members' ability to provide their clients with a practical and professional service capable of responding to the demands of international commerce and cross-border transactions.

The members of united.legal.network understand that the business environment and the challenges facing companies are constantly changing. Whether it is an interpretation of a new EU directive, a contract dispute or even the enforcement of a judgment in another jurisdiction; we are here to assist.

Local representation

Qualified and reliable local representation is an invaluable advantage when dealing with another jurisdiction. The united.legal.network is always available for assistance with any aspect of commercial activity.

The basis for our organisation is close personal and professional contact. We deliver for both our own and each others' clients.

Each member of united.legal.network offers their own specialist services. If a member cannot provide you with the necessary specialist advice then they can put you in contact with another firm that can.


We are here for the small and medium size business. Whatever the problem; whatever the advice sought; we will always endeavour to provide you with a professional service second to none.