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Ljubljana, September 13, 2013

Our second meeting in 2013 took place in Ljubljana and was kindly organised by Ms Helena Devetak. Besides some general topics that were discussed, our main subject was the finishing of our mutual homepage, which is almost complete, and future cooperation with other law groups.

Additionally, we were joined by Ms Daniela David from Bucharest, Romania, who presented her law firm and the areas of law she works in. She expressed her interest to join ULN and the members gave their unanimous assent to her application.

As Mr Gaetano Sardo’s chairmanship ended with the end of the meeting, Pauline Le More, who was already elected back in our meeting in April, will from now on succeed him. We understand that this means a lot of additional work for her and want to express our sincere thanks for accepting this responsibility.


Munich, April 13, 2013

In our meeting in Munich we had the pleasure to welcome Ms Katalin Préda from Budapest who had been invited by Ms Helena Devetak as an observer of the meeting and potential member of ULN. After Ms Préda was so kind as to introduce herself and her Law Office to the assembly, we decided to accept her application and admit her into ULN.

Furthermore, we were for the first time joined by members of ALBO Group. We all agreed on future cooperation and organising further joint meetings.

On Friday 12th we had the chance to discuss and work with this meeting’s essential topics ‘Data Privacy Protection in Europe’ and ‘Transfer Pricing’.

Since the rotational chairmanship of our Chairman Gaetano Sardo ends in September, an election of the new Chairman/woman took place. Unanimously elected was Pauline Le More, who, as of September, will be in charge until springtime 2016.