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Georg Hartmann

Lawyer, Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Since more than 30 years, Georg Hartmann is a dedicated lawyer with work experience in more than 6.000 trials.

In 1979, he passed his first state law examination after being a student at the University of Bonn.  He successfully finished his legal clerkship in Cologne with the second state law examination.
Right after this, his career began as a lawyer at the law firm "Walek,Dittmann,Hartmann,Barg" in Mayen.
Mr. Hartmann was the legal adviser in criminal and traffic law.
Furthermore he got specialised on business economics and received the accreditation as a tax lawyer.

Today, he advises clients in business law, contract law and company law., particularly in law regarding fiscal offences and law relating to economic offences.

As a co-founder of "United-Legal Network EWIV", he built up a network of colleagues in different European countries
and therefore has access to country-specific information of the legal situation.

Since 2000, Georg Hartmann is also a specialist for businesses that find themselves in an economic crisis. With his knowledge, he develops concepts for a financial restructuring and also manages insolvency proceedings if needed. He is no insolvency administrator but more the strong and experienced partner a business in difficult times needs.
The coherent knowledge of tax law and criminal law makes an proven and established team, valuable to big and smaller businesses.  Within the agreed fees the business has completely gain on the counsel as long as the insolvency takes place.

In addition to this, Mr. Hartmann achieved his admission as a specialist solicitor for family law in 2002.
Especially in the last couple of years, Georg Hartmann became a popular and asked lawyer in the field of tax law and family law.  The combination is highly recommended because for businesses in need of expertise in family law there is also always a necessary knowledge in tax law.

His clients not only appreciate his experienced and calm way of working but also his network of colleagues and his close collaboration with local chartered accountants.
For Georg Hartmann, it's the clients needs that have the top priority.