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Anthony Robins

Notary Public


The greater part of my working life has been in the law, first as a litigator and now as a Notary Public and Law Costs Draftsman.
As non contentious lawyers, owing not only a duty to the client but also the transaction, Notaries in England and Wales have the right to conduct conveyancing (property transfers) and probate as well as their international work in authenticating and certifying documents for use in other countries. I act for a number of international companies including Glaxo Smith Kline in this work.

I undertake probate work and am especially interested where there is a foreign element.
Under a separate hat, as a Fellow of the Association of Law Costs Draftsmen, I am instructed as a specialist in law costs in proceedings where there are Orders for Costs to be paid and also in cases where the client disputes the bill delivered by his solicitors.

As a Notary, I am frequently instructed in the formation of English limited companies for trading in another jurisdiction, particularly in Germany.
I believe the wisdom of years assists me greatly in arriving at the sound judgments I pride myself upon.


My spacious offices, situated in the attractive village of Stansted, are a short distance from Stansted Airport, where I can meet clients when there is a shortage of time.