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Stefan Poul Hansen 

Lawyer, South Denmark 


  • 1981-1987, University of Aarhus, Master of Law
  • 1990, The Danish Bar Association, admitted to the bar
  • 2001, The Danish High Court, admitted to the bar
  • 2019, Ministry of Agriculture, farming counsel


Stefan has grown up bilingually in the border region of Denmark and Germany, where, since 1987, he has practiced general law gaining substantial experience in a large number of fields. The work has mainly been general legal and commercial counselling and has covered a variety of basic legal subjects from family and property law to traditional execution and bankruptcy law and the more specialised commercial and trade law. Since 1995, he has been increasingly dealing with international companies; this has given substantial experience with Danish, German and other International law and counselling in both German and English. Since 2002, he has been teaching Real Estate and Commercial Law in the financial sector.

After 21 years as attorney, Stefan left the profession in 2008 and became a legal counsel at ECCO Shoes International. Shortly after he founded SPH Consult, which is a small, flexible and professional freelance consultancy with mainly professional clients like law firms, businesses, unions, organizations, public authorities and others, who need legal counselling from experienced advisers, and whose demands might vary depending on changing current problems. Most of these clients need continuous counselling and advising and want increasing efficiency without the obligations of a permanent employment relationship.

Stefan is performing jobs independent of or as a part of a teamwork, from a distance, at the clients’ place of business or with external business connections, and - if required - he is able to involve relevant external and highly qualified advisers from a large and diversified domestic and international network.

In February 2020 - after having passed tests in both language and society questions - Stefan achieved through his familial and personal relations to Germany the German Citizenship next to the Danish Citizenship, which gives him a double citizenship and two traveling Passes.


Professional career:

  • 2023 - : Civil Servant Ministry of Agriculture, Fraud & Evasion
    Part of a group of lawyers investigating and eventually filling reports to the police about potential fraud and evasion with EU-agriculture funds among farmers etc. in Denmark. 
  • 2020 — 2023: Human Resource Legal Counsel
    Legal counsel for the municipal administration in South Denmark with app. 77.000 inhabitants and app. 7.000 employees mainly in connection with redundancies and collective agreement negotiations. 
  • 2017 — 2020: Farming Organization
    Legal and real estate adviser for farming businesses and real estate owners and part of national task force ref. to compulsory acquisition of land/property.
  • 2011 — 2016: Active part of ADVOSELECT lawyers Network 
    Member of sub commission ref. to International Building, Construction Law and international Real Estate Law. Participating in international Conferences, lecturing and networking.
  • 2011 — 2016: Freelance lawyer, South Denmark
    Practicing business law e.g. lawsuits at the Danish Board of Arbitration for The Building and Construction Industry, and various national and international business law assignments.
  • 2008 - : SPH CONSULT
    Multilingual legal and commercial freelance counseling provided for small and medium-sized enterprises, including law firms, at home and abroad.
  • 2002 - : Various Business Schools in Denmark, Danish Ministry of Education
    Teaching and working as an external examiner in business law, finance law and real estate law.
  • 2008: ECCO Shoes International, South West Denmark
    International law, IT law and e-commerce, competition & marketing law, global lease and distribution agreements, wholesale, retail & e-tail.
  • 2002 — 2008: Law Firm, South East Denmark
    Danish and international private- and business law, bankruptcy law, company and corporate law. 
  • 1992 — 2002: Law Firm, South West Denmark
    Danish & international private- and business law, business operations.
  • 1991 — 1994: Secretary Law School
    Teaching common legal and law practice.
  • 1989 — 1992: Law Firm, South Central Denmark
    Danish business law, bankruptcy law, corporate law, litigation.
  • 1987 — 1989: Law Firm, North Denmark
    Trainee lawyer in private-, execution- and bankruptcy law, litigation.
  • 1985 — 1987: Courts, public prosecutor & police, South Denmark
    Trainee student in criminal law.


Main areas of practice:

General counselling and legal risk management in mainly business law:

Founding/Liquidation of business:

  • Counselling and assistance in connection with founding companies/corporations.
  • Reviewing, analysing, counselling etc. in connection with Danish, German and English contracts, e.g. co-operation agreements, shareholder’s agreements, general business rules etc.
  • Bankruptcy counselling and assistance in connection with the liquidation of businesses.

Running business:

  • Counselling and assistance in connection with the running of companies and corporations.
  • Reviewing, analysing, counselling etc. in connection with contracts in Danish, German and English, e.g. distributor agreements, lease agreements, agreements of employment, IT agreements, Terms of Delivery etc.
  • Attending negotiations with Danish and international contract parties.
  • Analysing marketing campaigns and assistance in connection with launching products.
  • Counselling in connection with e.g. e-commerce and virtual marketing.
  • Analysing competition law in existing or new markets.
  • Legal questions caused by employment relationships. 
  • Providing analyses and counselling in various other fields in connection with the day-to-day running of businesses.

Real estate and property law: 

  • Counselling and assistance in connection with real estate. This includes purchasing, selling, renting, mortgages and other legal issues such as building and contracting and foreclosure.
  • Common property law counselling in the fields of purchase law, trade law, financial law, obsolescence law, law of torts, damages etc.
  • Counselling in the financial sector.
  • Counselling in the agricultural sector.

Other areas:

  • Assistance in connection with in-house learning and training.
  • Counselling in connection with issues concerning public authorities.
  • Counselling in connection with national and international dispute resolutions.
  • National and International family law.
  • National and International inheritance law.
  • National and International labour and employment law.
  • Criminal law.

Counselling in other areas according to demand and as agreed.